Biden’s Bias Exposed: Silent on Jewish Victim, Loud on Gun Control!

In the wake of the tragic shooting incident in Burlington, Vermont, the leftist media and Joe Biden are once again quick to jump on the narrative of hate and gun control, but conveniently absent in their response is any condemnation of violence against Jewish individuals. Jason J. Eaton, the suspect in this case, has been charged with attempted murder and faces a potential life sentence, which is a good start. But where is the outrage for the death of Paul Kessler, a Jewish man who was fatally beaten at a pro-Palestinian rally in Los Angeles? The lack of consistent condemnation from President Biden is a glaring double standard that cannot be ignored.

The three college students of Palestinian descent who were injured in the Vermont shooting deserve justice and a speedy recovery, but their ethnicity should not be politicized to push a gun control agenda. Joe Biden has been vocal about the Burlington incident, condemning hate and violence, but his selective outrage is telling. When the victim is Jewish, like in the case of Paul Kessler, the response seems to fall short. Biden’s silence on the death of Kessler and his lack of specific condemnation for the hate crime against him raises serious questions about his priorities and values.

The president’s tweets expressing horror at the Vermont shooting are met with skepticism, as he fails to address the tragedy of Kessler’s death with the same level of concern. It’s clear that Biden is using this incident to further his gun control agenda, conveniently ignoring the broader issue of violence and hate. The unbalanced response to these two incidents underscores the political opportunism at play here.

The lack of consistent and principled condemnation from Joe Biden when it comes to violence against Jewish individuals reeks of partisan politics and selective outrage. It’s time for the president to condemn all forms of hate and violence unequivocally, regardless of the victims’ ethnicity or the political agenda it serves. Until then, his response to such tragic events will continue to be seen as hypocritical and self-serving.

Written by Staff Reports

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