Biden’s Bizarre Press Conference in Italy Raises Concerns Over Transparency and Accountability

At Joe Biden’s press conference in Italy, he made some strange comments that left many scratching their heads. When asked about his son Hunter, Biden rambled about not doing what he said and mentioned not pardoning or commuting Hunter’s sentence. Sounds like he’s admitting he doesn’t keep his promises – not a good look for a president. Maybe it’s time for him to start doing what he says.

Things got even weirder when a reporter asked about Hamas, and Biden snapped back, wanting to stick to discussing Ukraine and the G7. It makes you wonder if he’s hiding something or trying to control the narrative. A free press should be able to ask any question they want, without being scolded by the president.

The White House Correspondents’ Association wasn’t pleased with Biden’s behavior either. They made it clear that there should be no limitations on what questions can be asked during a presidential press conference. It’s important for journalists to ask tough questions and hold leaders accountable. If Biden is making secret deals about what questions he’ll answer, that’s a problem. Leaders should be transparent and willing to address any topic. 


It’s concerning that Biden may be getting questions in advance or only allowing certain topics to be discussed. A president should be able to think on their feet and address any issue that comes their way. The media should be pushing for more press conferences and demanding answers from Biden, instead of passively accepting limited opportunities to ask questions.

Both Biden and the media are lacking credibility in this situation. Voters deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, not evasion and secrecy. It’s important to hold the president accountable and demand that he addresses all issues openly and honestly. A free press is essential to a functioning democracy, and it’s crucial that journalists can ask any question without fear of reprisal.

Written by Staff Reports

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