Atlantic Magazine’s Bias Shows True Colors Against Trump While Overlooking Biden’s Missteps

The Atlantic magazine recently released a piece criticizing former President Trump’s statements as “ludicrous.” The article suggests that Biden’s occasional gaffes are insignificant compared to Trump’s alleged “delusional fantasies and conspiracy theories.” This attempt to paint Biden as a paragon of truth and rationality is laughable.

In reality, Biden has a history of making up stories and embellishing facts. From imaginary conversations with deceased relatives to false claims about his past experiences, Biden has been caught time and again fabricating details. Despite these clear examples of Biden’s disconnect from reality, The Atlantic insists that he is the epitome of mental fitness. 


The mainstream media’s bias against conservative figures like Trump is nothing new. They often twist or omit context to fit their narrative and discredit those they oppose. Trump’s rally speeches, while entertaining to his supporters, are not meant to be taken literally. The Atlantic’s selective quoting of Trump’s remarks on sharks is a perfect example of how they manipulate information to portray him in a negative light.

It’s important to see through the media’s attempts to deceive the public and push their agenda. The comparison between Trump and Biden’s supposed mental states is a clear example of this manipulation. Instead of blindly accepting media narratives, we should critically analyze the information presented to us and not fall for biased reporting.

The Atlantic’s article on Trump’s statements may try to paint a picture of Trump as out of touch with reality, but a closer look reveals the media’s bias and agenda-driven reporting. It is crucial to remain vigilant and question the mainstream media’s narratives to uncover the truth behind the headlines.

Written by Staff Reports

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