MSNBC Claims Hunter Biden Conviction Shows Rule of Law—What a Joke!

MSNBC host Andrew Weissmann made a wild claim that Hunter Biden getting convicted on federal gun charges is somehow a shining example of the rule of law under President Biden. Now, let’s just pump the brakes on this delusional train for a minute. The only thing this proves is that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Biden family and their disregard for the law.

First of all, President Biden being the “living embodiment of the rule of law”? Please! It’s more like the living embodiment of big government overreach and hypocrisy. Let’s not forget about all the shady deals and questionable actions involving Hunter and his international business escapades. The Biden family seems to have a history of, shall we say, bending the rules to their advantage.

And let’s not forget the mainstream media’s convenient amnesia when it comes to the Biden family’s legal troubles. If this were any other political family, you better believe the headlines would be plastered everywhere. But when it’s the Bidens, it’s crickets. It’s like they expect us to believe that the sun shines out of the Bidens’ you-know-whats. 


So, before MSNBC starts handing out “rule of law” awards to the Biden family, maybe they should take a long, hard look at the actual facts. This whole situation just goes to show that the liberal media will stop at nothing to spin a narrative that makes their chosen politicians look like saints, even when their halo is a bit crooked. Wake up, people, and see through the charade!

Written by Staff Reports

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