Biden’s Blitz on Second Amendment: New Gun Control Measures Revealed!

As a measure to prevent gun violence, the Biden administration is promoting increased state bureaucracy in its most recent drive for gun control. Wednesday marked the announcement of the "Safer States Initiative" by the White House, which Vice President Kamala Harris led in promoting. States are being encouraged by the administration to establish specialized agencies for the prevention of gun violence, mirroring the model that is presently operational at the White House.

Furthermore, the White House proposes "executive action" that encompasses the provision of model legislation for states to emulate, in addition to the establishment of these offices. This legislation would establish guidelines for the storage of firearms by gun owners as well as the reporting of lost or stolen firearms to authorities. The director of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, Stefanie Feldman, emphasized that states should adopt these policies as they have been implemented federally.

While the White House is cognizant of the necessity for congressional action, they intend to collaborate with states to advance their agenda in the interim. The establishment of the Safer States Initiative, according to Feldman, was precipitated by state legislators' desire to do more to reduce gun violence. The initiative comprises an eight-page document that emphasizes available funding for these endeavors and provides states with actionable guidelines.

The document indicates that the White House desires states to establish and enhance Crime Gun Intelligence Centers. Such centers would facilitate the generation of leads, the connection of firearms to multiple crime locations, and the identification of channels for gun trafficking. Unutilized American Rescue Plan funds should be allocated to "community violence intervention" programs in all states.

The document also discusses state liability for gun ownership, background checks, and responses to incidents of gun violence. The document culminates in a segment titled "Hold the Gun Industry Accountable," wherein it urges states to implement gun control policies that have the backing of the Biden administration. These measures encompass prohibitions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, ownership of unserialized firearms (commonly known as "ghost guns"), heightened oversight of gun dealers, and the abolition of the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which shields firearm manufacturers from legal responsibility.

The Safer States Initiative of the Biden administration is a concerning enlargement of the state bureaucracy that has the potential to encroach upon the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. Under the guise of preventing gun violence, the White House is attempting to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights by advocating for stricter regulations and imposing more red tape on gun owners and dealers. The determination of whether states will adopt this intrusive agenda or reject it in order to safeguard the rights and liberties of their citizens is yet to be seen.


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