Biden’s Blunders Boom as Fiscal Folly Flares Up!

President Joe Biden Makes Big Mistakes and Conservative Graders Aren’t Impressed!

In a week of ups and downs for President Joe Biden, it’s evident he’s not winning any gold stars from conservative grader Jed Babbin. According to Babbin, Biden’s actions this week were anything but impressive. While Biden was busy schmoozing at a fancy fundraiser in New York with former Presidents Obama and Clinton, former President Trump was paying his respects at the wake of a fallen NYPD officer. Talk about priorities, am I right?

But Biden’s missteps didn’t end there. When the Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed due to a foreign-owned ship crashing into it, Biden quickly promised a billion-dollar rebuild with our hard-earned tax dollars. But shouldn’t the responsible parties foot the bill, not the American taxpayers? Where’s the fiscal responsibility, Joe?

And let’s not forget Biden’s blunders on the international stage. His United Nations ambassador failed to veto a resolution demanding an Israeli ceasefire in Gaza, without tying it to the release of hostages. This move caused Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to reconsider seeking clearance from Biden to go after Hamas in Rafah. Plus, Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown admitted that the U.S. was withholding military aid from Israel. It’s clear that Biden is more focused on appeasing Muslim voters than standing strong with our allies.

As if that wasn’t enough, pro-Hamas hecklers interrupted Biden’s campaign speech in North Carolina, demanding more healthcare in Gaza, and Biden actually agreed with them. Obamacare in Gaza? Come on, Joe, we have enough healthcare issues right here at home!

And if that wasn’t a big enough mess, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is demanding $20 billion a year from Biden and immunity for illegal immigrants in exchange for controlling the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. It’s a chaotic situation on the border, with over one million illegal immigrants arriving just in the last six months. When will it end, Joe?

On the other hand, Democratic pollster John Zogby seems to think Biden had a decent week, giving him a “B” grade. Despite Biden’s stagnating approval ratings and struggles to gain ground with younger and nonwhite voters, Zogby points to Biden’s fundraising success and narrowing the gap in election polls against Trump as signs of a good week. But let’s be real, fundraising prowess doesn’t erase the blunders, Joe.

It’s clear that Biden’s missteps and questionable decisions are piling up, and his quest for reelection is looking rockier by the day. With a laundry list of messes to clean up and conservative graders unimpressed, Biden’s uphill battle continues. Watch out, Joe, it’s a bumpy road ahead!

Written by Staff Reports

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