Biden’s Job Market Bust: Skilled Migrants Pushed Too Far?

In a surprising twist, it has come to light that support for the influx of white-collar, college-educated migrants has taken a nosedive, and the culprit might not be who you expect! A recent survey by the Associated Press indicates that voter approval for these well-educated migrants has dropped significantly, and it appears to be linked to President Joe Biden and his administration's significant influx of more than seven million migrants from the southern regions.

It appears that people are beginning to recognize that Biden's open-door policy for foreign visa workers is posing significant challenges for American workers. For instance, the Indian outsourcing firm, Tate Consulting Services, is facing criticism for allegedly terminating American employees and replacing them with cheaper Indian migrants. This situation underscores the prioritization of profits over the welfare of people, and it is occurring under the current administration's watch.

While the mainstream media has been largely focused on highlighting the benefits of southern migrants, they have largely overlooked the negative repercussions of the influx of white-collar migrants. However, the tide seems to be shifting. The most recent Associated Press survey indicates that only 41 percent of Americans perceive a "major benefit" from the entry of these skilled workers into the country. This marks a considerable decline from the 59 percent who held that view just a few years ago, suggesting that people are beginning to see through the veneer of Biden's immigration policies.

Even among Democrats, there is a noticeable shift in sentiment against the idea of importing more skilled workers. The survey reveals that the percentage of Democrats who view this as a "major benefit" has decreased from 71 percent to 52 percent. This shift suggests that even members of the Democratic party are acknowledging the adverse effects of saturating the job market with additional white-collar workers.

Moreover, a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a reputable political source, found that an overwhelming 64 percent of likely voters oppose the introduction of more skilled migrants, while only 23 percent are in favor of such a move. This resounding sentiment highlights widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo and a growing appetite for change.

It's understandable why Americans are growing increasingly frustrated. For years, the federal government has permitted companies to import millions of long-term temporary workers for white-collar positions, thereby displacing hard-working Americans and depressing wages. This scenario exemplifies a scenario where corporate interests take precedence over the welfare of the American populace, and it's high time for a shift in priorities.

In light of the backlash against Biden's immigration policies, there appears to be a glimmer of hope for Republicans. Many college graduates, who have directly experienced the impacts of corporate outsourcing and migration, are seeking a candidate who will safeguard their jobs and livelihoods. Could this be an opportunity for Republicans to make inroads and erode Biden's support among college-educated voters? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—Americans are no longer willing to idly stand by as their jobs are outsourced and their wages undercut.

In summary, it's evident that Biden's large-scale influx of southern migrants and the surge of white-collar workers are posing significant challenges for everyday Americans. The time for change is upon us, and the American people are rising up and voicing their concerns. It's imperative for our leaders to prioritize the interests of hard-working Americans and take a firm stance against the corporate interests that have been dictating our immigration policies. The future of our nation hinges on it!

Written by Staff Reports

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