Biden’s Blunders: Off-Script Remarks About Xi, Newsom Ignite Buzzworthy Confusion!

Biden’s recent remarks about Chinese leader Xi Jinping and California Governor Gavin Newsom have everyone buzzing. It’s clear that Biden has no real understanding of the threats posed by China, as he claims he spoke with Xi about fentanyl but fails to mention China’s involvement in fentanyl trafficking across the southern border. Instead, he makes vague comments about people waking up dead. It’s concerning that Biden is not addressing the important issues with China.

But it gets even more interesting. While Biden calls Xi a dictator, he tells a rambling story about him visiting America, almost as if they’re buddies. Talk about mixed signals! And then there’s his comment about Newsom, where he thanks him for the Summit and calls him “one hell of a governor.” Really? Newsom has been a disaster for California, and his policies would be harmful for America. It’s not a good idea for Biden to endorse someone who wants the same job he’s looking for.

And let’s not forget the moment when Biden gets confused and lost at the end of his remarks, trying to leave the stage. How does this keep happening? These public moments of confusion raise concerns about what mistakes he may be making behind closed doors with world leaders like Xi. It’s clear that Biden’s campaign is imploding because of his issues, and it’s time for the American people to take notice.

Written by Staff Reports

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