Biden Exposes Hamas’ War Crimes in Gaza Hospital!

In a bold and unequivocal statement, President Biden didn’t hold back in calling out Hamas for their devious tactics. During a press conference following his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Biden declared that Hamas was unquestionably committing a “war crime” by using Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa, as a front for their military operations and as a hiding place for weapons. He even emphasized, “That’s what happened, folks.”

The United States has consistently stood by Israel’s claim that Hamas utilizes hospitals and schools in the Gaza Strip to conceal their illicit activities and hold innocent Palestinians hostage. And this time, they have the evidence to back it up. Video footage captured by the conquering Israeli forces provides irrefutable proof of Hamas’s heinous actions.

Despite these damning revelations, Hamas has predictably denied any involvement in such nefarious activities. However, President Biden made it clear that the United States possesses information that confirms Israel’s accusations. Although he didn’t divulge the specifics of how American intelligence agencies reached their conclusions, Biden’s assurance spoke volumes.

In response to these unsettling developments, Israeli forces have surrounded the Al Shifa hospital and launched a mission to neutralize Hamas militants. The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson proudly presented seized weapons that had been hidden within the hospital. This decisive action was deemed necessary to combat Hamas’s ongoing threat to the Jewish state.

While human rights advocates have criticized Israel’s actions, citing the potential harm caused to innocent Palestinian women and children who were denied access to critical medical care, it’s important to remember that Hamas forced Israel’s hand. The decision to storm the hospital was not one made lightly. President Biden referred to it as “a terrible dilemma,” acknowledging the risks Israel was taking to protect its own people.

Biden further elaborated on the severity of the situation by noting that it wasn’t just Al Shifa that harbored Hamas’s secret headquarters and weapons cache. “I suspect there are others,” he boldly proclaimed. It’s a troubling revelation that sheds light on the gravity of the threat Hamas poses.

Under international law, hospitals are meant to be safe havens, shielded from military attacks. However, when utilized for military purposes, they lose their protected status. It is evident that Hamas has shamelessly exploited this loophole, placing innocent lives at risk. President Biden’s strong and forthright statements serve as a reminder that the United States stands unwaveringly by Israel’s side in the face of these blatant transgressions.

Written by Staff Reports

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