Illegal Immigrant Linked to Fatal Crash That Killed Senate Staffer in Nevada

Well, gather ’round, folks, because the latest news is something right out of a wild west movie—except this time, it’s happening in our very own Nevada. It seems that the driver responsible for a deadly car crash that took the life of a Senate staffer in Nevada has been unveiled as none other than an illegal immigrant! Yessir, you heard that right. And let’s just say, this revelation has got some folks here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. shaking their heads and wagging their fingers.

So, let’s talk about this fella, Elmer Rueda-Linares. He’s a spry 18-year-old who’s been charged for fleeing the scene after he crashed into another vehicle, resulting in the tragic death of Kurt Englehart, a senior adviser to Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV). And here’s the kicker: there’s a whole can of worms opening up about how this young man came to be in our country in the first place.

Now, hold onto your hats—this Rueda-Linares fellow made his grand entrance into the United States by crossing the southern border during President Joe Biden’s first year in office. Well, ain’t that a hoot! ICE, that’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement for you greenhorns, has confirmed that this fella illegally hopped over the border from Mexico during Biden’s initial months in office. That’s sure got some folks scratching their heads and wondering what in tarnation is going on down there at the border.

But here’s the cherry on top: ol’ Elmer Rueda-Linares rammed into another vehicle in Reno at 4:30 in the morning and then skedaddled from the scene. And get this, folks—ain’t nobody spillin’ the beans on whether either driver was under the influence or speeding or who was driving which vehicle! It’s like a real-life game of Clue, y’all.

Now, here’s where it gets even more bewildering, if y’all can believe it. This here Rueda-Linares came trotting over that border down in Texas when he was just a sprout, maybe 14 or 15 years old, and without a parent in tow! Can you imagine? Then, the government kept him in custody for a whopping 100 days before turning him loose in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Seems like our distinguished federal authorities were plum out of ideas for what to do with this young ‘un.

And hold onto your hats, because this just keeps getting more perplexing. That fella landed himself in the clink, and then it’s like watching a game of hot potato—Border Patrol had him, then Health and Human Services had him, and all the while, they were trying to find some grown-up to hand him off to. And what’s even more puzzling is that he got held for more than three times longer than the average minor. Now, that just don’t add up, does it?

Now, old Kurt Englehart, he was a senior staffer for Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, and when he tragically lost his life, the senator’s team was plumb devastated. But Senator Cortez Masto herself, she’s keeping pretty mum about this whole illegal immigrant business. Her aide says she’s just gonna wait and see what the legal folks have to say about it. But let me tell ya, there’s one fella named Tom Homan, former acting ICE Director, who’s got some choice words for the senator. He reckons she ain’t rightly accepting the consequences of this here open border fiasco we find ourselves in. It’s a regular ol’ he-said, she-said!

Oh, and here’s the kicker, friends. The folks at ICE are eager as a beaver to get their hands on this Rueda-Linares fella and give him the boot outta here. They even asked the local po-po to hold on to him for a little while if he manages to scrounge up that $100,000 bail.

So, there you have it, folks. It’s a whole heap of confusion and hubbub surrounding this illegal immigrant business, and it’s got some folks scratching their heads. Looks like this saga ain’t over yet, so stay tuned, ya hear? And in the meantime, keep your eyes on that border—seems like there’s some real peculiar shenanigans going on down there!

Written by Staff Reports

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