Jill Biden Pushes for Free Community College as Debt Soars

On Saturday, First Lady Jill Biden spoke at Mesa Community College in Arizona and suggested that community colleges in America should be free. She mentioned the flexibility and career training opportunities these colleges provide. President Biden previously campaigned for free community college, but Congress hasn’t approved it.

The Biden administration’s approach seems like an attempt to win votes by offering free college tuition and student loan forgiveness. However, the Supreme Court ruled against some of these forgiveness programs. The government already has a significant debt of over $34.5 trillion, and these programs may result in higher taxes for everyone.

While community colleges offer valuable training for certain jobs, some argue that free tuition programs should focus on high-demand fields. Critics question the fairness of making individuals who didn’t attend college or already paid off their loans contribute to loan forgiveness.

It appears that the Biden administration is using promises like free college to try to secure votes, without considering the long-term consequences. The focus should be on practical education that benefits the economy rather than subsidizing degrees with limited job prospects. Ultimately, these promises may lead to higher taxes and unfulfilled expectations for students.

Written by Staff Reports

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