Biden’s Border Blunder: GOP Framed for Immigration Meltdown!

In a stunning display of finger-pointing and political maneuvering, President Joe Biden is vowing to pin the blame for three years of border chaos squarely on the shoulders of Senate Republicans. Biden, eager to salvage his failing presidency, has made it his mission to deflect responsibility for the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration and the resulting turmoil on America’s southern border.

The Biden reelection campaign sees this as a golden opportunity to divert attention from their own lackluster performance. The American people are in for an onslaught of propaganda, with Biden and his cronies peddling the narrative that only Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican allies are to blame for the porous border.

However, let’s set the record straight. The Biden administration never bothered to engage with the GOP caucus in the House. The proposed “border security” bill released on Sunday was never even close to succeeding. A majority of Senate and House Republicans were always poised to reject any attempt to normalize the alarming levels of illegal immigration that even Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security deemed a crisis.

One of the most outrageous provisions of the bill was granting the president the power to “close the border” only if the flow of illegal crossers reached a staggering 5,000 a day for an entire week. To put this in context, even Secretary Jeh Johnson under the Obama administration acknowledged that a flow of over 1,000 a day was overwhelming the system. The Senate negotiators proposed a threshold of 4,000 a day, well within the bounds of what they considered an acceptable flow of illegal crossers.

It’s preposterous to claim that all the chaos at the border can be pinned solely on Republicans. Border Patrol data clearly shows that the surge in illegal immigration coincided with the Biden administration’s dismantling of crucial border security measures. The blame for this unprecedented situation lies squarely on the shoulders of the open-borders advocates that Biden handpicked for his administration.

But Biden has a plan to mask these facts. By deliberately doing less than he already has to protect our country from the flood of illegal immigration, Biden can accelerate the crime and chaos that accompanies it. His media machine, which has desperately denied any border problem under Biden’s watch, will suddenly shine a spotlight on the issue and conveniently pretend it only emerged after the McConnell-Schumer amnesty bill was rejected.

It’s a devious strategy, but in this political climate, where the truth often takes a backseat to narrative, anything is possible. The American people must remain vigilant and not fall victim to these shameless attempts to shift blame. We must hold Biden accountable for his failure to secure our borders and protect the safety and well-being of our citizens.

In conclusion, Biden’s attempt to scapegoat Republicans for the border chaos is nothing more than political theater. The American people deserve a leader who takes responsibility for their actions and focuses on finding real solutions, rather than playing the blame game. It’s time for Biden to step up and address the crisis at our southern border instead of pointing fingers.

Written by Staff Reports

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