Biden’s “Normalcy” Promise Bust, Voters Turn to Trump!

In an eye-opening assessment, Conservative commentator Tiana Lowe Doescher of the Washington Examiner shed light on the disappointment felt by voters who bought into President Joe Biden’s promise of a “return to normalcy.” Lowe Doescher boldly declared that minority and lower-class voters, a crucial voting bloc, are losing faith in Biden, which could spell trouble for the president in the upcoming elections.

During a lively discussion on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria, Lowe Doescher emphasized the importance of this year’s presidential election as a “kitchen table election,” highlighting the harsh impact of inflation on low-income households. “No one feels like there was the return to normalcy that we were promised, right?” Lowe Doescher quipped, pointing out the struggles of everyday Americans grappling with the soaring inflation rates, a bitter pill many have not tasted since the 1970s.

The conservative pundit did not hold back in pinpointing the areas of concern for disillusioned voters. From the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to the Hamas attack on Israel, national security grievances loom large. But the southern border crisis, a chaotic mess in the eyes of many, stands out as an ‘own goal’ for the Biden administration, leaving voters with a sour impression of the president’s ability to handle the situation.

Recent interviews with voters have illuminated the growing support for former President Donald Trump, drawing on memories of a time when they were financially secure and thriving. Kinard Givens, echoing the sentiments of many, revealed that his friends blame Biden for their financial hardships, reminisced about the stability they enjoyed under Trump’s leadership. This swell of discontent could potentially pave the way for a Trump resurgence, as evidenced by a recent poll showing Trump leading Biden by a staggering 22% in terms of who would handle the economy better.

Despite not yet securing the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 election, Trump, the undisputed frontrunner, has trounced his opponents in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. On the other side, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley’s failure in the Nevada primary against the “none of these candidates” option was deemed a “bad night” by Trump, solidifying his dominance in the race.


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