Biden’s Border Blunder: Impeachment Push Deemed “Unconstitutional”

In a stunning display of partisan politics, President Joe Biden and his administration have launched a new attack on House Republicans’ impeachment effort against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The White House, in a statement released Monday, condemned the impeachment inquiry as “unconstitutional” and an act of “political retribution.”

It’s no surprise that Biden himself has expressed confusion over the impeachment efforts, stating, “What do you say to Republicans who are trying to impeach Mayorkas? I don’t get it.” It seems the president is finally realizing the consequences of his own actions and the disastrous state of our southern border.

Under Mayorkas’ leadership, the number of migrants crossing the border has skyrocketed. The 2022 fiscal year saw over 2.2 million encounters with migrants, and the numbers only increased in 2023, with over 2 million encounters. The month of December 2023 broke records with 302,034 encounters at the U.S. southern border. This situation is undeniably a crisis, and yet the Biden administration refuses to take responsibility.

In a moment of shocking honesty, Biden admitted, “No, [the border] is not secure. I haven’t believed that for the last 10 years… Give me the money.” It’s clear that he recognizes the problem but has failed to take appropriate action. Instead, he is now pleading for more power and resources to address the crisis that his own policies have exacerbated.

Meanwhile, the Senate border funding bill, a whopping $118 billion package, includes $1.4 billion in funding for nonprofit organizations that assist migrants entering the country illegally. This is a clear example of misguided priorities by the Biden administration. While Ukraine and Israel receive billions in aid for their wars, American taxpayers are left footing the bill for organizations aiding illegal immigrants. It’s a slap in the face to all law-abiding citizens who expect their government to prioritize their safety and security.

The impeachment effort against Mayorkas is not an act of political retribution, as the White House claims, but a necessary step to hold accountable those responsible for the disastrous state of our border. It is clear that the Biden administration has failed in their duty to protect our nation, and it is time for them to be held accountable. The American people deserve leaders who prioritize their safety and security, not those who prioritize appeasing partisan interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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