Arizona Population Dwarfed by Biden Border Surge!

Since Joe Biden took office, the number of folks sneaking into the United States through the southern border has exceeded the population of Arizona! If you don’t know, that’s a whole bunch of people. Arizona’s got around 7.4 million people, and that’s not even counting the tumbleweeds. But guess what? Over 8.9 million people have busted in illegally, which is more people than living in Arizona and 37 other states combined! Yikes!

And it’s not just the people who got caught. There are over 1.7 million “gotaways”! That’s like trying to count all the gumballs in a machine and having some of them roll away when you’re not looking. Who knows where they’ve gone? Probably to snatch up all the good parking spots at the mall or something.

There’s a Senate candidate in Arizona, Kari Lake, who’s not shy about sharing her thoughts on this mess. She’s upset at Biden and his buddies for letting 8.5 million illegal immigrants crash into our country. Lake thinks it’s time for these folks to hit the road and go back to where they came from. She’s even talking about helping Donald Trump send them packing. That’s one tough cookie!

And get this, the reporter Bill Melugin says that Arizona and California are getting flooded with illegal crossings since Texas started cracking down. It’s like a game of “Red Rover.” Except, instead of holding hands and saying, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Billy right over,” they’re saying, “Cross over, cross over, ignore the border!”

The Arizona governor, Katie Hobbs, wants everyone to know that Arizona’s not following Texas’ lead. She’s not happy with the Biden administration, but she doesn’t like the way Texas is dealing with the border, either. It’s like Goldilocks and the three bear states: one is too hot, one is too cold, and one is just right. But really, none of this is right at all!

So, there’s a big ol’ mess at the border, and the folks at The Western Journal are taking it very seriously. They’re warning that the 2024 election is super important and that they need your help to “save the country.” That’s a lot of pressure for a news outlet, but I guess they think the fate of America rests on their shoulders. Will you join their fight and become a member? It’s like being a superhero, but instead of fighting bad guys, you’re fighting for “the real truth”!

Written by Staff Reports

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