Biden’s Border Blunder: Terror Threat Ignored, WH Dodges Questions


In a perplexing display of nonchalance, the National Security Council’s John Kirby dismisses legitimate concerns about foreign terrorists exploiting Biden’s border crisis to carry out attacks in the United States. Despite FBI warnings of an increasingly dangerous threat environment, Kirby chooses to bury his head in the sand and downplay the risk.

When Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy pressed Kirby about the possibility of terrorists illegally entering the U.S. through the southwest border with Mexico, Kirby evaded the question. This evasive behavior is quite concerning given FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony, where he revealed that the FBI has not been tracking terrorists operating within the United States. How can we expect to prevent attacks on our homeland if we’re not even keeping tabs on potential threats?

Doocy didn’t let Kirby off the hook, bringing up the recent CBP bulletin that highlighted the potential for individuals inspired by the Israel-Hamas conflict to exploit the circuitous transit across the Southwest border. With a staggering number of “got-aways” reaching 600,000 in the last fiscal year alone, Doocy rightly questions whether there is any heartburn about the porous border potentially granting entry to terrorists.

Rather than address the concerns raised, Kirby evades once again. He attempts to reassure the public, claiming that the Biden administration is monitoring all ports of entry for potential threats. However, Kirby conveniently fails to acknowledge that illegal immigrants often enter the United States through unguarded areas between ports of entry. The 600,000 “got-aways” referred to in the question were not apprehended because they went undetected by border agents. Kirby’s response glosses over this glaring issue.

The reality is that since Biden took office, over two million individuals have successfully evaded apprehension, known as “got-aways.” Shockingly, these individuals have not been adequately vetted, posing a significant national security risk. Border Patrol has apprehended nearly 400 individuals on the terrorist watchlist attempting to enter, and the FBI is actively searching for potential ISIS members who were smuggled into the country. It’s mind-boggling that the White House remains unconcerned about the clear and present danger posed by terrorists taking advantage of Biden’s lax immigration policies.

The lackadaisical attitude exhibited by the White House regarding the threat of terrorism emerging from Biden’s border crisis is deeply troubling. The safety and security of American citizens should always be the top priority. It is imperative that the Biden administration take swift action to secure our borders, properly vet all immigrants, and address the very real threat of terrorism that looms large. Failure to do so puts American lives at risk, and that is something we simply cannot afford.

Written by Staff Reports

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