Shock Totals! Single Country Floods US with Illegal Immigrants

In a stunning revelation, it has been reported that a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border into the United States are coming from India. The figures released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that approximately 42,000 Indians were intercepted at the southern border in the past year, more than double the number from the previous year. This surge in Indian migrants seeking entry into our great nation is truly concerning.

But the shocking news doesn’t end there. Over 1,600 individuals have also crossed from our northern border, an increase that is four times the number of crossings in the last three years combined. It appears that no border is safe from these desperate individuals trying to make their way into the U.S. illegally. It is clear that our immigration system is under immense pressure, and urgent action is needed to address this crisis.

One Indian migrant, Arshdeep Singh, shared his harrowing journey with the Wall Street Journal. After flying from New Dehli to Hungary, he was subjected to inhumane conditions, confined in a small room with only bread and water for sustenance. From there, he traveled to France and eventually ended up in Mexico City, where he was locked away for an additional week. It took him a total of 40 days to reach California, where he was taken to a processing center. This treacherous journey highlights the dangers these individuals face and the lengths they are willing to go to seek asylum in the U.S.

It is startling to think that so many people from India are willing to embark on such perilous journeys to reach our borders. This influx of migrants also shines a light on the alarming rise of human smugglers masquerading as travel agents in Indian villages. The United States’ lack of established relationships with countries like India complicates the deportation process, making it both slower and more expensive.

This alarming trend of mass migration is not limited to India. It is a global phenomenon that demands our immediate attention. We must strengthen our borders, enforce immigration laws, and discourage individuals from attempting to enter our country illegally. The safety and security of the American people must always be our top priority.

Written by Staff Reports

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