Biden’s Border Blunder: Texas Stands Tall Against DC Ultimatum!

In a bold move that has liberals sweating bullets, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick warned President Biden to think twice before crossing swords with the Lone Star State’s National Guard on the southern border. The Biden bunch has thrown down the gauntlet, giving Texas a measly 24 hours to clear out of the Eagle Pass area. But the great state of Texas ain’t backing down, asserting its constitutional right to secure the border if the Biden bunch won’t step up to the plate.

On Fox News, the fiery and fabulous Laura Ingraham grilled Patrick, asking if he was quaking in his boots over Biden’s latest ultimatum. But that’s a big Texas-sized “NO” from the lieutenant governor. With the confidence of a gunslinger in the Wild West, Patrick stood his ground, warning the Biden brigade that tangling with the Lone Star State’s law enforcement and military would be the biggest blunder they could make. And he’s right! Texans are a fierce and independent bunch, and they’re not about to take any guff from the D.C. swamp.

The support for Texas is pouring in faster than a stampede of cattle on a cattle drive. Governors from 25 states are standing shoulder to shoulder with Texas, pledging their solidarity in halting the flood of illegal aliens pouring across the southern border. Some governors, like those from Oklahoma, Iowa, and Florida, are even going the extra mile, offering to send their own National Guard troops and equipment to back up Texas. Now that’s what you call a united front against the radical left’s open borders madness!

And speaking of back up, former President Trump has thrown his ten-gallon hat into the ring, voicing his unwavering support for Texas and the red state governors who are rallying behind the Lone Star State. In a post on his social media platform, Truth Social, the former president pledged to work hand in hand with Governor Abbott and other border state leaders to stop the invasion, seal the border, and kick off the biggest deportation operation in history! That’s right, folks. Trump means business when it comes to securing our borders and keeping America safe.

But the Biden bunch just can’t seem to take a hint. They’ve given Texas a measly 24 hours to let Border Patrol agents access Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a public property that has become ground zero for massive caravans of illegal aliens. But Texas ain’t budging. Their law enforcement and National Guard have taken charge of the park and have put up a big ol’ Texas-sized “Do Not Disturb” sign for the feds. And who can blame them? Texans are tired of the Biden bunch’s weak-kneed approach to border security, and they’re ready to take matters into their own hands if they have to.


Written by Staff Reports

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