Maine SC Dismisses Anti-Trump Appeal: Democracy Prevails!

In a stunning victory for former President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court of Maine has dismissed Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ appeal to keep Trump off the state’s primary ballot. The court ruled that the appeal was not “justiciable” because it was not from a final judgment. This means that the case is not yet ripe for review by the state’s highest court.

This dismissal comes after Bellows followed in the footsteps of the Colorado Supreme Court and declared that Trump was ineligible to appear on the Maine primary ballot under the “insurrection” clause of the 14th Amendment. According to Bellows, Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riot of January 6th, 2021, constituted insurrection and justified his disqualification.

But Trump’s campaign wasted no time in declaring victory, even though a final judgment has not yet been rendered. They called the dismissal a “devastating blow” to Joe Biden’s desperate attempts to remove Trump’s name from the ballot and disenfranchise millions of Americans. The campaign expressed confidence that the United States Supreme Court would ultimately be fair and eliminate these “sham ’14th Amendment’ cases.”

As a conservative, it’s refreshing to see the court recognizing that this case is not worthy of their time. It’s clear that Secretary Bellows and her Democrat allies are using the 14th Amendment as a flimsy excuse to keep Trump’s name off the ballot. They’re desperately trying to silence the voices of millions of American voters who support the former president.

It’s a shame that Bellows would go to such lengths to undermine the democratic process. Our nation’s elections should be fair and transparent, allowing the people to choose their preferred candidates. This blatant attempt to manipulate the system is an affront to the principles of democracy.

Thankfully, the Maine Supreme Court saw through this charade and dismissed the appeal. Now we must wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on this matter. Let’s hope that they, too, recognize the absurdity of Bellows’ argument and uphold the rights of the American people to vote for the candidate of their choice.

In the meantime, President Trump will continue fighting against these baseless attacks. His commitment to Making America Great Again remains unwavering, and I have no doubt that he will ultimately prevail. The American people know the truth and will not be swayed by the desperate actions of partisan politicians.

Written by Staff Reports

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