Biden’s Border Blunders Boost Illegal Crossings in AZ & CA: Texas Shines as Beacon of Defense

New stats have emerged that are sure to make Joe Biden look even worse than he already does. It turns out that illegal crossings at the southern border are now shifting away from Texas and increasingly happening in Arizona and California. Thank goodness for Texas and their strong defense efforts, unlike the feeble attempts made by the Biden administration.

Sources from U.S. Customs and Border Protection have revealed that in the last week of January alone, Border Patrol nabbed 32,809 illegal immigrants. Shockingly, a whopping 71.8% of these arrests took place in Arizona and California, leaving only a small fraction for Texas. It’s clear that the difference lies in the firm stance Texas has taken against illegal immigration.

Unlike the wishy-washy Biden administration, Texas has locked down its border and is determined to protect its citizens. Mexico, too, has surprisingly stepped up its enforcement against migrants following Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit in December. Maybe Biden whispered a few sweet promises in Mexico’s ear, but we’ll likely never know. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust anything they do anyway.

What’s truly mind-boggling is why Biden and his team couldn’t have done this from the start or kept the effective policies put in place by former President Donald Trump. It seems they only decided to take action because of plummeting polls. How despicable to play politics with the safety and well-being of the American people who have been burdened by illegal immigration under Biden’s disastrous tenure.

This whole situation proves that this so-called crisis should have never occurred. Enforcing the law, just as Texas has done, and working with Mexico could have prevented this mess. Instead, Biden chose to break the system and create chaos. And yet, he continues to fight against Texas, a state that is bravely defending its citizens and the American people.

As a result of Biden’s failures, illegal aliens are now flocking to Arizona and California, where they face less resistance and no deals with Mexico. Border Patrol’s San Diego sector and Tucson, Arizona, sector are witnessing the highest levels of activity. On a single day, there were 5,240 Border Patrol apprehensions, with a staggering 73.5% of them occurring in Arizona and California.

Republicans should seize this opportunity to create an ad showcasing how enforcing the law actually works. It’s clear that when you choose to do so, the results speak for themselves. Meanwhile, Biden can continue to fumble around and make excuses while Trump’s policies continue to overshadow his failures.

It’s no wonder that Biden is finally addressing the “border crisis” now, especially when he sees how much Trump is crushing him in the polls. But his feeble attempts to save face won’t change the fact that he has been unable to handle the border situation effectively. Watch the infuriating comment he made claiming he doesn’t have the power to deal with the crisis. It’s laughable.

Written by Staff Reports

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