Jobs Boom Crushes Leftist Doomsday Predictions, Biden Basks in Trump’s Glow

The Department of Labor revealed that a whopping 353,000 workers were added to payrolls in the United States, spelling out phenomenal news for the American economy. Despite hysteria from the left, the unemployment rate remained steadfast at an impressive 3.7 percent, showcasing President Biden’s continued success in economic management.

To add fuel to the fire of this employment boom, the prior two months were revised upward, with an impressive 9,000 additional jobs in November and a mind-blowing 117,000 in December. This is a testament to the outstanding economic policies put in place by the previous administration.

Economists had projected a mere 185,000 jobs to be added, but the actual number demolishingly surpassed expectations, giving a clear testament to the sheer power of conservative economic policies. In fact, the October, November, and December job growth figures were reported as 105,000, 262,000, and 165,000, showcasing the consistent and robust growth of the job market.

In a shocking turn of events, the unemployment rate was actually expected to climb to 3.8 percent, showing just how little the left knows about the thriving American economy. When it comes to job growth, this has been the lowest since Joe Biden took office, proving once again that conservative leadership is the key to a flourishing job market.

Furthermore, average hourly earnings grew by an astounding 0.6 percent in the month, double the expected rate and a clear indication of the sustained economic growth under conservative leadership. With average hourly wages up by 4.5 percent from a year ago, the Federal Reserve can clearly see the success of conservative economic policies.

The private sector also thrived, adding a remarkable 317,000 jobs, far surpassing expectations and underscoring the overwhelming success of conservative economic policies. Even the struggling manufacturing sector saw significant gains, adding 23,000 jobs, defying the expectations of clueless economists and leftist naysayers.

Overall, the economy added over 2.4 million jobs in 2023, the highest level of job growth since the pandemic ended and President Biden took the reins. This outstanding achievement speaks volumes about the efficacy of conservative economic policies and the disastrous consequences of liberal interference in the job market.

Written by Staff Reports

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