Biden’s Border Blunders Breed Crime Crisis in Sanctuary Cities!

The wave of crime from migrants released by the Biden administration after illegally crossing the border is hitting sanctuary cities and their surrounding areas hard. The police chief of Oak Brook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, is reporting an uptick in crimes perpetrated by migrants since October 23. Oak Brook Police Chief Brian Strokis stated that there have been 49 migrant arrests in his area, with six felony arrests in a single day. The State’s Attorney for DuPage County announced felony charges against migrants from Chile and Venezuela for thefts from a Macy’s store in Oak Brook. Despite the charges, Judge Joshua Dieden denied the State’s motion to detain the migrants without bond in both cases.

To make matters worse, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reported an 11,000 percent increase in the arrest of Venezuelan migrants in Chicago. According to police data, there were only six arrests of Venezuelan-born individuals in 2021 and 26 in 2022. But as of November 12, 2023, Chicago PD has arrested a staggering 686 Venezuelans, representing an 11,333 percent increase over 2021. And the year’s not even over yet!

But wait, there’s more! The migrant crime spree isn’t contained to the Chicago area alone. In New York City, State Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis posted a video showing a group of migrants assaulting two NYPD officers near Times Square. Malliotakis is calling for the immediate deportation of migrants who assault law enforcement. She argued that these migrants are causing chaos in the city, engaging in crimes like murder, stabbings, robberies, and assault. She also slammed Mayor Adams for not addressing the city’s migrant crisis.

The situation in New York City is dire, with over 67,000 migrants being housed in hotels out of the 172,000 transported there since the spring of 2022. It’s a classic case of the Biden administration’s open-border policies causing mayhem and putting innocent Americans at risk. The New York Post reported pickpocketing by migrants, leading to major problems for the NYPD. A Red Lion staffer told the Post that teams of migrants hit the area during peak pedestrian traffic times on Fridays and Saturdays, adding to the NYPD’s headache of dealing with crime.

This chaotic situation is a product of the Biden administration turning a blind eye to the consequences of their lax immigration policies. Sanctuary cities and their suburbs are bearing the brunt of this migrant crime wave, and hardworking law enforcement officers are left to clean up the mess. It’s high time for the Biden administration to take responsibility and put an end to this madness before it escalates further. A country without laws and borders is chaos, and the Democrats must stop their dangerous game of political correctness before it’s too late.

Written by Staff Reports

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