Biden’s Border Crisis: Terror Threats Skyrocket as Millions Encounter Chaos

Fasten your seatbelts, readers, as we delve into the complex landscape of the border situation during the Biden administration and its implications for national security. Be prepared, as this journey is far from idyllic.

The spokesperson for the Biden administration's National Security Council has attempted to reassure the public by asserting their rigorous efforts to mitigate the threat of terrorism infiltrating our borders. However, skepticism is only natural, given the concerning facts at hand. The reality is far from the ideal world that some might imagine.

Let's analyze some sobering statistics. According to the Republican National Committee (RNC), more individuals on the terrorism watchlist were apprehended at the US border in the past year than in the preceding six years combined. This is indeed alarming. Furthermore, in the recently concluded Fiscal Year 2023, US officials recorded a staggering 2.5 million encounters at the US-Mexico border. Among these encounters were tens of thousands of individuals with criminal backgrounds, felons, gang members, and yes, dozens of suspected terrorists. However, the story goes beyond these numbers.

The individuals who were apprehended represent only a portion of those attempting illegal entry. Many "high-value" illegal immigrants are willing to pay hefty sums to cartels to avoid capture, turning this into a high-stakes version of hide-and-seek. What's more, these individuals have an incentive to get "encountered," processed, and subsequently released. This creates a situation ripe for exploitation of our flawed system.

Now, brace yourselves for a startling revelation. In FY 2023, over 600,000 individuals managed to evade capture – these are known as "got-aways." That's approximately 50,000 known got-aways every month. And this only accounts for those we are aware of. There is a real concern about how many others have slipped under the radar, representing a hidden security risk. The border situation has become so porous that it can be likened to being wide open. The identity, whereabouts, and intentions of these individuals remain largely unknown, creating a significant national security risk.

Let's address the attempt by The New York Times to draw parallels between Biden's border approach and Trump's policies. It's important to note that the Trump administration released less than 53 percent of the 1.4 million border crossers in the two years leading up to Biden's tenure. In contrast, the Biden administration allowed over 900,000 illegal immigrants into the country in the previous year alone, according to Border Patrol statistics. This discrepancy is staggering, and it's clear that Trump's performance in FY 2018 was considerably different from the situation under Biden's leadership.

In summary, there is no way to sugarcoat it. The current border crisis falls squarely on the shoulders of the Biden administration. It's spiraling out of control, and the responsibility lies with those in the highest offices. America must remain vigilant and brace itself for potential consequences. We can only hope that the fallout from these decisions will not be as dire as we fear. Stay vigilant, dear readers, stay vigilant.



Written by Staff Reports

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