Jack Smith Demands Full Transparency with Cameras in Trump’s Trial!

In yet another unsurprising move, special prosecutor Jack Smith is doing everything he can to ensure that former President Donald Trump does not receive a fair trial. It seems that Smith not only has a judge who has already made up her mind about the case, but he also has a jury that voted overwhelmingly in favor of President Joe Biden. It’s almost as if Smith wants to make sure that the American people never get to see the truth about the election interference trial of the 45th president and the efforts to hold him responsible for the Capitol incursion on January 6, 2021.

In a court filing on Friday, Smith attacked the efforts by media organizations to televise Trump’s trial, arguing that cameras are already prohibited in federal courtrooms and that this rule should be upheld for a “fair trial” and the “fair administration of justice.” It’s interesting how Smith conveniently forgets that he himself has been criticized by the Supreme Court for his questionable prosecution techniques. In fact, Chief Justice John Roberts stated that Smith’s prosecution of former Republican governor Bob McDonnell was “inconsistent with both text and precedent” of the law. It seems that Smith has a habit of bending the rules to fit his narrative.

But let’s not forget that Smith already got a conviction against McDonnell, even though the Supreme Court later overturned it. Now he is going after Trump, a man who received the votes of nearly 74 million Americans in 2020, despite facing constant attacks from a biased media and a political opposition that has lost all sense of principles and proportion. The American people have seen through the baseless assaults on Trump, whether it’s the debunked Steele dossier, the Russia collusion hoax, or the sham impeachment. They know that these prosecutions are nothing more than political overkill.

Smith doesn’t need the American people watching his travesty of a trial. He already has a judge with a clear bias against Trump and a jury stacked with Biden supporters. The media organizations seeking to televise the trial argue that it is of historical significance and that the ban on cameras in federal courtrooms is outdated and a violation of the First Amendment. Trump’s defense team has not taken a final position on cameras, but one of his attorneys has suggested that they should be part of the case. However, Smith is adamantly opposed to the idea, claiming that it would interfere with a “fair trial” and the “fair administration of justice.” It’s clear that Smith is only interested in preserving his narrative and keeping the American people in the dark.

The truth is, Smith already has his audience. The Democratic Party’s leaders and Smith himself believe that the American people know too much already when it comes to the prosecutions of Donald Trump. They don’t want the truth to come out, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure that Trump is silenced and vilified. But the American people aren’t stupid. They see through the lies and the political games. And they will continue to fight for truth and justice, regardless of what Smith and his cohorts try to do.

Written by Staff Reports

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