Biden’s Border Failings Risk National Security Allow Jihadists to Storm Quantico

Apparently, security isn’t at the top of the Biden administration’s priority list. In a terrifying development, two Jordanians who might have been practicing their jihadist joyride tactics were nabbed after attempting to storm the Quantico Marine Corps Base. In an incident that could have been lifted straight out of an action thriller, the Marine Corps discovered these unwelcome visitors on May 3, 2024. While the liberal media is busy doubling down on their imported latte recipes, law enforcement officers under ICE swooped in to handle these potential sleeper cell soldiers.

But wait, the ordeal doesn’t end there. Not content with throwing open the doors to just any garden-variety illegal aliens, the current administration has given a warm welcome to migrants from Tajikistan. This Central Asian nation is widely recognized in intelligence circles as a fertile recruiting ground for ISIS, and its militant cousin, ISIS-K. Over 1,500 illegal Tajik nationals waltzed across the U.S. border between October 2020 and May 2024. If that’s not a recipe for danger, nothing is.

Biden’s border policies, which seem to be crafted from Swiss cheese given their numerous holes, allowed at least 500 of these Tajiks to slip in this year alone. In stark contrast, the sum total of Tajik entries over the past 14 years barely touched 26. The administration’s laissez-faire approach makes it virtually impossible to track how many of these potential terrorists were released into America’s heartland under dubious asylum claims that entitle them to stay until a laughably distant court hearing.

Tajikistan’s geographical location—nestled between China and Afghanistan—has turned it into a hotbed for ISIS recruitment, adding yet another layer of risk to an already dire situation. And let’s not forget those previous arrests of suspected ISIS-connected migrants in cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, where undercover operations unveiled their unsettling origins from Tajikistan.

Experts note that Tajiks play a disturbingly significant role in terror organizations and are central to ISIS-K’s international propaganda and operations. These insights come straight from academia, with a Texas A&M professor pointing out how Tajiks have been pivotal to ISIS-K’s recruitment and terror campaigns. Adding to the alarm bells, a counterterrorism expert from the University of Michigan warns that ISIS might be embedding operatives in the U.S. to prep for future attacks.

If anyone needed more proof that the current administration’s border policies are akin to rolling out a welcome mat for hostile elements, there you have it. This isn’t just mismanagement; it’s a security failure of epic proportions. Then again, perhaps Biden’s handlers are too busy with their climate-signaling pronouns to notice the wolf in the sheep’s clothing. America deserves better than this lethal gamble with national security.

Written by Staff Reports

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