June 27 CNN Debate Drama Trump vs Biden While RFK Jr Fights Exclusion

Buckle up, America: the June 27th CNN showdown in Atlanta is shaping up to be a firework display of epic proportions. On one side, we have former President Donald Trump, the man who shook Washington to its core. On the other, President Joe Biden, who appears to be running his campaign out of a basement. But wait—there’s more. Independent presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tried to crash this party but found himself shown the door, no thanks to bizarre debate rules.

It gets juicier. Kennedy, clearly miffed at his exclusion, went on a tirade, lambasting the political elite for colluding with CNN. He claims that Trump and Biden, despite their political fisticuffs, have found common ground in keeping him off the debate stage. Apparently, they’d rather not be grilled about the lockdowns, the ballooning $34 trillion debt, or the kind of toxic polarization that their campaigns thrive on.

CNN, that paragon of neutrality, required candidates to secure 15 percent support in four national polls and show they can win 270 Electoral College votes to join the debate. Seems reasonable, right? Well, not if you’re running an independent campaign and the media giant keeps moving the goalposts. Moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash must be trying out for Hollywood with this kind of drama setup.

Kennedy’s objections didn’t end with a simple video rant. He filed an FEC complaint alleging that CNN, Biden, and Trump violated federal law. He argues media broadcasters are required to use “pre-established” and “objective” criteria for candidate participation. Now, if anyone expects CNN to follow rules they might not have written themselves, they’ve probably never watched CNN.

To add another layer to this political gumbo, Kennedy’s campaign vowed to keep fighting if the debate commences without their candidate. They maintain that this form of undemocratic and un-American behavior must be called out. It’s almost like a soap opera where the scriptwriters throw in every conceivable plot twist to keep viewers glued to their screens.

So, there you have it, folks. The June 27th debate might be missing an independent voice, but it’s not short on theatrics. President Trump will undoubtedly bring his signature flair, while Biden might try to remember what day of the week it is. And somewhere off-stage, Kennedy will be watching, promising to never back down.

Written by Staff Reports

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