Biden’s Border Failures Spark Race-Bait Tactics Against Trump

In a desperate attempt to distract from his own failures on border security, Joe Biden and his team have resorted to race-baiting and spreading falsehoods about former President Donald Trump. It’s no secret that Biden’s border policies are a disaster, and the American people know it. They remember the days when Trump was in office and things were under control.

But Biden can’t compete with Trump’s record, so he and his team have resorted to twisting the truth. They claim that Trump called for “rounding up millions of Latinos,” when in reality, he was talking about deporting illegal aliens. The fact that the Biden team equates Latinos with illegal aliens is insulting and shows their ignorance. Illegal aliens come from all over the world, not just Latin America.

Meanwhile, Trump was focused on enforcing the law and securing the border. He understood that real border security means deporting those who have entered the country illegally. That’s what the American people want, regardless of their ethnicity. It’s ironic that the Biden team is now trying to convince us that they care about border security when they have shown a complete disregard for enforcing the law.

And let’s not forget about the camps. While Trump may have been considering sites near the border to assist in the deportation process, the Biden team conveniently ignores the fact that they have their own camps for illegal aliens. But instead of acknowledging their own hypocrisy, they continue to spread falsehoods and race-bait.

It’s not surprising that the Biden team would resort to such tactics, considering the racism and ignorance that Joe Biden himself often displays. But the American people are not falling for it. Many responses to their deceitful claims not only called out their falsehoods but also mocked them for essentially advertising for Trump. People want someone who takes the problem of illegal immigration seriously, unlike Joe Biden.

It’s clear that Biden and his team are grasping at straws as they try to blame others for their own failures. But the American people see through their lies and know that Trump would do a better job securing the border. It’s time for Biden to take responsibility and enforce the law, instead of resorting to race-baiting and falsehoods. The American people deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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