Biden’s Border Patrol Shoots Innocent Native American, Cover-Up Ensues

Unbelievable! President Joe Biden’s administration continues to showcase its incompetency and lack of regard for the American people. In a shocking incident in Arizona, multiple U.S. Border Patrol agents opened fire, fatally shooting a U.S. citizen and Native American tribe member on his own property. Can you believe it? The very agents who are supposed to protect our borders are now killing innocent citizens. It’s a disgrace!

According to reports from The New York Times, this incident has ignited a firestorm of criticism and complaints, especially from members of the tribe, who question the use of deadly force. And here’s the kicker: the official government version of events differs from other eyewitness accounts. Typical liberals, always manipulating the truth to fit their agenda.

So, what exactly happened on that fateful night? Well, tribal police received a call about shots fired, and Border Patrol agents were called in for assistance. They barged onto Raymond Mattia’s property, treating him like a criminal instead of a law-abiding citizen. Despite Mattia’s compliance and surrender, he was gunned down in a hail of bullets. Shockingly, he was unarmed and only carrying a harmless cellphone. It’s as if our Border Patrol agents have forgotten the meaning of “protect and serve.”

But wait, there’s more! This incident is just the tip of the iceberg. Tribal members have come forward, sharing their stories of harassment and mistreatment by Border Patrol agents. It seems like this is not an isolated event, but rather a pattern of abuse and disregard for our citizens. It’s time for the Biden administration to address these issues and hold their agents accountable.

Of course, the Border Patrol couldn’t resist spinning their own version of events. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mattia threw an object at an officer, which apparently justified opening fire. Seriously? Is this how we view justice in America now? One throw, and they felt the need to pump him full of bullets? This is a clear abuse of power, and it’s absolutely sickening.

Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Ned Norris Jr. expressed concerns about this incident in a statement. While he called for a comprehensive investigation, he also warned against jumping to conclusions. While I appreciate his measured approach, the evidence seems overwhelming. It’s time to face the facts and demand justice for Raymond Mattia and his grieving family.

But, unsurprisingly, Mattia’s family and members of the tribe accuse the Border Patrol of covering up the truth. The released bodycam footage and the selective snippets of video only fuel their suspicions. They feel betrayed by a system that is supposed to protect them. And who can blame them? It’s clear that the government is more interested in protecting their own agents than ensuring justice for an innocent life cut short.

It’s time for a change. We need leaders who prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens, not partisan agendas. The Biden administration must take immediate action to address this grievous incident and restore faith in our law enforcement agencies. As conservatives, we will continue to demand transparency and accountability because the American people deserve nothing less.

Written by Staff Reports

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