Antifa Outburst Shocks Portland Courtroom in Ngo Assault Verdict!

In a shocking turn of events, a jury in Portland has reached a verdict in the assault case of independent journalist Andy Ngo. Ngo, who has been monitoring the activities of the left-wing group Antifa for years, was violently attacked by alleged members of Antifa during a demonstration in 2019. The attacks were caught on tape, clearly showing individuals wearing the typical Antifa attire, including face coverings to hide their identities.

Ngo suffered serious injuries, including a black eye and a brain hemorrhage, as a result of the assault. Despite the evidence against them, two alleged Antifa members, John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter, were found not liable by the jury. This is a disappointing outcome for Ngo, who filed the complaint against the defendants in 2020, seeking justice for the harm he endured.

It is truly alarming to see the level of violence and intimidation that Antifa members are willing to engage in to silence journalists like Ngo. Even during the trial, things took a wild turn when one of the defense attorneys announced to the jury, “I am Antifa,” and threatened to remember their faces. This blatant display of bias and support for a violent organization is deeply concerning.

Furthermore, the judge in the case revealed that the jurors expressed concerns about being doxed and having their identities exposed. This fear is not unfounded, as Antifa has a history of targeting and harassing individuals who oppose them. It is disgraceful that individuals have to worry about their safety and privacy simply for serving on a jury.

The media coverage of this trial was also marred by Antifa’s presence. Reporters, including Katie Daviscourt and Chelly Bouferrache, faced intimidation and vandalism from alleged Antifa members. This is an attack on the freedom of the press and a clear attempt to silence any dissenting voices.

While this verdict may be disheartening, Ngo is not giving up. He is considering his legal options to seek justice for the assaults he endured. It is crucial that we support journalists like Ngo who are willing to risk their safety to expose the truth about extremist groups like Antifa. The fight against violent criminals who seek to silence American journalists is far from over, and Ngo’s determination is inspiring.

Written by Staff Reports

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