Landmark: Antifa Feels the Sting as Ngo Case Verdict Shakes Foundations!

In a disappointing verdict, a jury has found both defendants in journalist Andy Ngo’s civil trial not liable for the claims made against them. This comes after Ngo, an investigative reporter for The Post Millennial, was brutally beaten by members of Rose City Antifa while undercover in Portland. Ngo sought nearly $1 million in damages for assault, battery, theft, and emotional distress caused by the violent attacks he endured.

During the trial, defense attorney Michelle Burrows proudly proclaimed herself as an Antifa supporter and claimed that Antifa’s reputation as a violent organization is untrue. She argued that Antifa is actually fighting for social justice and civil rights. It is alarming that a defense attorney would openly align herself with an organization known for its violent tactics.

Furthermore, the trial was plagued with safety concerns for the jurors who feared being doxxed. The judge had to issue court orders banning the public and non-credentialed press from the courtroom due to disruptive behavior. It is concerning that the trial was marred by such security issues, which could have influenced the jury’s decision.

Throughout the trial, Ngo and his colleague Katie Daviscourt faced harassment from Antifa’s associates. This further highlights the hostile and violent nature of this extremist group. It is a shame that this trial did not hold the Antifa attackers accountable for their actions.

In a disturbing turn of events, a controversial professor who identifies as Antifa was called as an “expert” witness by the defense. This professor, known for comparing conservatives to the Ku Klux Klan, smeared Ngo without any evidence. It is clear that the defense was more interested in attacking Ngo’s credibility than providing evidence for their clients’ innocence.

One of the alleged Antifa attackers broke down in tears during his testimony and apologized to Ngo. While this may seem like a moment of remorse, it is important to remember that this individual was already implicated in broadcasting Ngo’s location, encouraging others to assault him, and participating in the mob attack.

Overall, this trial was a missed opportunity to hold Antifa extremists accountable for their violent actions. It is unfortunate that Ngo, a diligent journalist, continues to face harassment and threats for simply doing his job. Freedom of the press should be protected, and those who engage in violence should be held responsible. We must continue to stand up against Antifa’s tactics and demand justice for victims like Andy Ngo.

Written by Staff Reports

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