Biden’s Borders Bust: Venezuelan Gangs Terrorize NYC Streets!

The liberal policies of President Joe Biden are putting hardworking Americans in grave danger as violent illegal Venezuelan migrants are joining forces with MS-13 gang members, according to concerned FBI agents. A recent report from the New York Post reveals the alarming truth about the crime wave hitting the streets of New York City, all thanks to Biden’s disastrous open border policies.

The NYPD has declared a major crackdown on a notorious Venezuelan gang, Tren de Aragua, which has been linked to over 62 robberies in multiple boroughs of the city. This violent gang, with its sights set on international expansion, is causing chaos and terror in American communities. While there’s no solid evidence linking them to MS-13, the FBI is closely monitoring the situation for any signs of emerging threats.

The sharing of intelligence between law enforcement agencies is crucial in identifying and combating these dangerous threats. The FBI has made it clear that violent transnational organizations are a top criminal priority, and the safety of American communities is at stake.

The New York Post’s report emphasizes the significant threat posed by the Tren de Aragua gang, which is responsible for the surge in violent robberies and attacks in New York. Many of the gang’s members, including its leader Hector Guerrero, have escaped from prison in Venezuela and are now believed to be in the United States after illegally crossing the southern border.

One illegal Venezuelan migrant, Franco Alexander Peraza Navas, was arrested by the NYPD and revealed the extent of the violent gang’s operations across multiple states. His confession sheds light on the widespread reach and criminal activities of these dangerous individuals.

The Biden administration’s failed border policies have emboldened criminals and put the safety of American citizens at risk. It’s time for decisive action to secure the border and protect our communities from the threat of violent transnational gangs.

Written by Staff Reports

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