Biden’s Budget Blunder: Weak Defense Puts NATO and Allies at Risk

President Joe Biden’s supposed commitment to global leadership has come into question with his lackluster 2025 defense budget request. Despite making bold promises to defend NATO territory, support the Philippines against Chinese aggression, and protect Taiwan from potential Chinese attacks, Biden’s budget falls short in meeting the demands of a tumultuous and increasingly insecure world.

While the president talks a big game about military commitments and the importance of global security, his budget request of $850 billion for defense represents a mere 1% increase from 2024, effectively constituting a real terms cut due to inflation. This is an alarming oversight considering the escalating threats from countries like China, Iran, and North Korea, as well as global events that often unfold rapidly and unexpectedly.

The inadequacy of Biden’s defense budget becomes even more apparent when compared to the actions of U.S. adversaries. China, for instance, is increasing defense spending significantly, leaving the U.S. lagging behind. The proposed cuts, such as the reduction of U.S. attack submarine orders and the underinvestment in critical weapons systems, reflect a lack of strategic foresight and prioritize short-term savings over long-term security.

While some proposed cuts to outdated military equipment and systems make sense on paper, they should be redirected towards strengthening crucial areas like shipbuilding, missile purchases, and the development of new weapons. This shift is vital in preparing the military for the evolving threats across various warfighting domains and continents.

In essence, the 2025 defense budget falls short of addressing the complex and expanding threats facing the U.S. and its allies, neglecting the reality of the current global landscape. The lack of foresight and prioritization of short-term savings over long-term security reflects a concerning negligence on the part of President Biden and his administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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