Biden’s Closest Aides Face Scrutiny Over Shielding Him Amid Growing Second Term Concerns

Questions have started swirling about President Joe Biden’s ability to run for a second term, with reports indicating that his closest aides have tightly controlled his interactions since he took office. This guarded approach has resulted in limited access to Biden, raising concerns both within and outside the White House.

These concerns were amplified after Biden’s performance at a recent debate, where the 81-year-old president’s apparent limitations surprised many current and former White House aides. The aftermath of the debate only fueled worries, leading insiders to openly question Biden’s capacity to handle the pressures of another four years in office.

One voice speaking out against Biden was Chandler West, a former White House deputy director of photography, who took to social media to express doubts about the president’s strength and abilities. According to West, insiders have privately acknowledged Biden’s decline for some time now.

The White House’s handling of Biden has also raised eyebrows, with reports suggesting that even the residence staff, who cater to the first family’s needs, have been kept at a distance. This separation between the Bidens and the staff has been noted as unusual compared to past administrations.

CNN contributor Scott Jennings weighed in on the situation, emphasizing the unprecedented nature of Biden’s decline and the efforts made by his aides to shield him from public scrutiny. With growing concerns about Biden’s fitness for office, questions have been raised about his campaign performance and his ability to lead the country effectively.

Written by Staff Reports

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