Biden Deputy Rattled by Supreme Court Ruling Favoring Trump

Joe Biden’s principal deputy campaign manager seems to be distressed, likely realizing that the Supreme Court’s latest ruling isn’t playing into their narrative. It appears that Quentin Fulks is losing his cool over the idea that former President Donald Trump might have some breathing room, thanks to a Supreme Court decision granting immunity for official acts done while in office.

Fulks sounded like a broken record on a press call, insisting that Americans should be trembling in their boots over Trump. He promised that when Biden emerges from his basement to campaign, he’ll be hammering home the dangers of Trump, a strategy that’s been clearly in play for months now. According to Fulks, Trump is posed as a villain plotting revenge against his political enemies with the Supreme Court’s aid.

Apparently, the decision has Fulks painting a picture of conservative justices as Trump’s enablers. He claims Trump is a convicted felon who is out to toss the Constitution and reign like a dictator. However, what Fulks conveniently skips over is the part where the justices are merely interpreting the Constitution—something they are actually supposed to do.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, decided by a 6-3 margin, declares that former presidents can’t be dragged through the mud for actions they took while in office but aren’t shielded for their private matters. This doesn’t let Trump off the hook entirely, but it certainly makes things a bit more complicated for those salivating over the prospect of courtroom drama.

Trump’s alleged 2020 election interference case now heads back to a lower court in Washington to figure out if it falls under official or unofficial conduct. It doesn’t take a political pundit to see that this scene won’t be wrapping up before Americans head to the polls in November.

While Trump hailed the Supreme Court’s decision as a significant victory for the Constitution and democracy, Democrats are predictably up in arms. They call it dangerous, undemocratic, and an existential threat—just another day in the ongoing saga of political theater.

Written by Staff Reports

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