CNN’s Jake Tapper Suggests Biden Could Use SEAL Team 6 to Assassinate Trump

CNN’s Jake Tapper’s recent musings on the SCOTUS ruling regarding the immunity of former presidents took a dark turn as he seemed fixated on the idea of Joe Biden having the power to assassinate his political adversaries, particularly Donald Trump. In a discussion with his CNN panel, Tapper referenced Justice Sotomayor’s previous remarks and insinuated that the recent court ruling could empower Biden to deploy SEAL Team 6 to eliminate Trump.

Despite being rebuffed by his fellow panelists, who pointed out the absurdity of such claims and the need for legal clarification on what constitutes an “official act,” Tapper continued to circle back to the notion. Quoting Sotomayor’s dissent on presidential immunity, he raised alarming scenarios of the president wielding unchecked power, including ordering assassinations and staging coups, all without facing consequences.

Tapper’s hyperfocus on the hypothetical scenario of Biden eliminating his rivals did not go unnoticed, as it echoed sentiments expressed by some on the left who have openly discussed the possibility of using Biden’s newfound immunity to target Trump. While some might brush off such discussions as sarcasm, the underlying desperation to remove Trump from the political landscape is concerning, with suggestions of resorting to extreme measures gaining traction among certain circles.

The unsettling trend of contemplating violence against political opponents under the guise of presidential immunity has not gone unnoticed by conservative commentators like The Federalist’s Sean Davis, who have rightfully called out such displays of lunacy. The dangerous rhetoric surrounding the SCOTUS ruling highlights the divisive and extreme political atmosphere that has seeped into mainstream discourse, leaving little room for reasoned debate and civility.

Written by Staff Reports

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