Biden’s Cold Shoulder to Hawaii Wildfire Victims: Find Out Why

Heartless Biden Refuses to Comment on Tragic Hawaiian Wildfires

In a shocking display of callousness, President Joe Biden has once again proven his lack of empathy. As Hawaii faced devastating wildfires that claimed the lives of over 100 people, Biden heartlessly brushed off questions about the rising death toll with a simple “no comment.” This flippant response has understandably sparked outrage across the nation.

Despite the severity of the situation, Biden chose to spend the weekend basking on the beaches of Delaware, far from the turmoil unfolding in Hawaii. It was only after immense public pressure that he decided to alter course and plan a visit to the disaster-stricken island. But by then, his reputation for empathy had already gone up in smoke.

In an effort to protect their beloved Joe Biden, his allies in the media swiftly buried this public relations nightmare. The evening news broadcasts on ABC, CBS, and NBC conveniently ignored Biden’s dismissive comments, choosing instead to focus on irrelevant stories like local weather reports and an ex-NFL player’s personal drama. It’s no surprise that the liberal media would rather sweep Biden’s heartlessness under the rug than hold him accountable for his lack of compassion.

Fox News, however, took a stand and dared to question Biden’s response. Anchor Bret Baier couldn’t help but criticize Biden’s insensitive remark, acknowledging the widespread criticism it received. Even reporter Jacqui Heinrich pointed out that Biden ran for office on a platform of empathy, making his “no comment” even more jarring.

To appease his critics and salvage his image, Biden now plans to fly to Hawaii next week to meet with first responders and tour the damages caused by the wildfires. While this might be a step in the right direction, one cannot ignore the fact that it took relentless public pressure for the President to show any concern for the devastated island.

The Hawaiian wildfires, labeled the deadliest in over 100 years by the National Fire Protection Association, are truly a tragedy. But one can’t help but wonder if this tragic event will be hijacked by the liberal agenda. Will Biden and his allies use this as an opportunity to push their narrative of climate change and global warming, deflecting attention from their own shortcomings and failures?

The American people deserve a compassionate leader who genuinely cares about their well-being, especially in times of crisis. Unfortunately, Joe Biden has once again proven that he is not up to the task. Let’s hope that his visit to Hawaii is more than just a photo op and that he learns a lesson in empathy and leadership from this devastating event.

Written by Staff Reports

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