Biden’s Debate Challenge to Trump Could Be a Deceptive Bluff

In last week’s big news, the Biden campaign finally spoke out about the upcoming debates with President Trump. Instead of going through the traditional Presidential Debates Commission, they wanted to negotiate directly with Trump’s team for two debates. Biden even dared Trump to debate him, trying to act tough.

But let’s think about this – why would Biden suddenly want debates after avoiding the topic for so long? Biden hasn’t been doing well in public appearances, even needing a teleprompter for simple speeches. His video challenging Trump was a mess, edited heavily in just 13 seconds. The conditions Biden’s team set were so outlandish, it seemed like a bluff. Trump saw through it and agreed to the debates. 


News from Cindy Adams of the New York Post suggests Biden might be trying to get out of the debates by banking on a trial involving Stormy Daniels on the same day. The campaigns are already thinking about changing the rules they all agreed to, probably to avoid the debate altogether.

Biden needs this early debate to help his campaign but worries it won’t make a difference. Trump might bring up new excuses, like demanding drug tests for Biden or no earpieces allowed. Sources say both teams are unsure about the rules they set. If Biden is already second-guessing the rules, it shows his challenge was a bluff that backfired.

Written by Staff Reports

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