Biden’s Debate Dodging and Hostility Towards Media Raise Leadership Concerns

The debate scene is heating up, with CNN announcing Dana Bash and Jake Tapper as the moderators for the first debate on June 27. But the real question is, will Joe Biden be handed the questions in advance, given the media’s clear bias towards him? It’s no surprise that ABC’s moderators are David Muir and Linsey Davis, as the mainstream media continues to play favorites.

However, it seems like Biden is already trying to manipulate the debate format to his advantage. By refusing to debate alongside Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Biden is showing his true colors. It’s clear he wants to control every aspect of the debate to avoid any real challenges to his shaky platform.

But when confronted by Fox’s Peter Doocy about a potential third debate, Biden couldn’t handle the pressure. His snippy response and his staff’s attempt to push the media out only further highlight his inability to face tough questions. If he can’t even handle the media, how will he fare in a debate without a safety net?

It’s crucial that the upcoming debates are fair and balanced, with no outside help or biased moderation. 

The media’s blatant promotion of Biden’s campaign merchandise and their clear bias towards him is alarming. The American people deserve a transparent and honest debate, not a scripted show to prop up Biden’s failing leadership.

In conclusion, Biden’s dodge tactics and hostile behavior towards the media raise serious concerns about his ability to lead the country. It’s time for a real debate, without any pre-planned scripts or biased moderators. The future of our nation depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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