Biden Dismisses Polls Showing Trump Ahead as Election Nears

President Joe Biden's refusal to accept polling data that showed former President Donald Trump leading in multiple battleground states prompted data analyst Harry Enten to comment. Having once relied on polls to support him, Biden now makes an effort to cast doubt on their veracity. Enten reminded viewers that four years ago, when polls showed him leading, Biden liked them.

According to a poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College, Trump was leading in five of the six crucial swing states, with Biden leading in just Wisconsin. If these figures prove accurate in November, it may be disastrous for Biden and give Trump an extra 67 Electoral College votes. Enten issued a warning, noting that polls can shift dramatically in the months remaining before the election.

This most recent incident underscores the significance of closely examining polling data and the high stakes of the impending election.

Written by Staff Reports

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