USA Fights for Election Integrity Across 24 States

United Sovereign Americans (USA) has been fighting for fair and accurate elections across 24 states, uncovering millions of errors on voter rolls. They believe these mistakes violate federal election laws and filed a lawsuit in Maryland to address the issue. Their efforts are making waves as they challenge the status quo of loose voting rules that allow for potential fraud.

In the wake of the 2020 election, concerns about the integrity of the voting process have been raised. With lax absentee ballot procedures and inaccurate voter rolls, there is a real risk of wrongful votes being cast. An alarming poll revealed that a significant number of voters admitted to filling out ballots for others or voting in states where they no longer resided. These findings highlight the urgent need for election reform to ensure every vote counts.

Despite facing challenges and pushback, USA remains committed to their mission. Their pursuit of legal action to demand changes in the election process has drawn criticism and triggered attempts to discredit their efforts. The mainstream media has been quick to label them as “far-right” and question the validity of their claims, but USA stands firm in their commitment to upholding election integrity.

The determination and dedication of key figures within USA, such as Marly Hornik and Harry Haury, cannot be overlooked. Their expertise and tireless work in the field of election integrity demonstrate a genuine desire to protect the democratic process. Despite facing backlash and accusations, they continue to advocate for fair and transparent elections for all Americans.

It is essential to support organizations like USA that are working to safeguard the integrity of our elections. By shining a light on errors in the voting system and demanding accountability, they are playing a crucial role in upholding the core principles of democracy. In a time where trust in the electoral process is essential, USA’s efforts should be commended and encouraged.

Written by Staff Reports

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