Biden’s Delayed Recognition of Granddaughter Exposes More Damaging Blunders!

Joe Biden’s delayed acknowledgment of his seventh grandchild, Navy Roberts, is drawing even more criticism and showcasing the president’s lack of moral character. For four years, Biden denied the existence of Navy, going so far as instructing his staff to do the same. Even when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the number of grandchildren, she refused to answer. This level of deception and denial is unprecedented for a president.

The reason behind Biden’s disownment of his granddaughter is even more disturbing. It turns out that he was waiting for the “green light” from his son, Hunter Biden, before acknowledging her. This is utterly reprehensible. What kind of person would prioritize the wishes of a drug-addicted abuser like Hunter over the well-being of an innocent four-year-old? It’s clear that Joe Biden lacks any sense of morality or decency.

This situation also raises questions about the Biden family as a whole. With Hunter’s history of corruption and the numerous allegations surrounding the Bidens, it is concerning that Joe Biden would bend to his son’s demands, even if it means ignoring the existence of his grandchild. The American people deserve answers about these relationships and what it says about the integrity of the Biden family.

Now that Joe Biden has finally acknowledged Navy, he is trying to spin it as a PR win. But let’s not forget that he ignored her for four years. This is not a heroic act; it’s a desperate attempt to salvage his plummeting poll numbers. And yet, the media continues to defend Biden’s actions, giving him a pass that no Republican politician would ever receive. It’s time for the American people to demand better from their leaders and hold Joe Biden accountable for his deplorable behavio

Written by Staff Reports

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