Biden’s Dirty Secret: Ignored Vaccine Failure for COVID Control

Despite the concerns about the efficacy and safety of mRNA vaccines, the Biden administration pushed for mandatory immunization programs. However, it has now been revealed that they were aware that the vaccines weren't working as advertised.

In January 2021, Rochelle Walensky, the CDC's director, and Francis Collins, the former NIH director, discussed the emergence of COVID cases just as the vaccines were being widely introduced to the public.

In her email, Walensky admitted that the vaccines weren't working as well as they were expected. She noted that she had a discussion with Francis Collins about the importance of developing new vaccines.

Despite the lack of evidence supporting the efficacy of vaccines, Walensky and other officials of the Biden administration still insisted that they were the key to stopping the spread of the virus. They also claimed that people would not get sick if they were vaccinated.

The truth is that the vaccines weren't working as well as they were promised. Despite knowing this, the Biden administration still continued to force the vaccinations on the American people.

The lack of transparency isn't the only issue that's troubling here. It's also the way the government pushed for the use of mRNA technology despite the concerns about its safety. This is yet another example of how the Left is putting politics above people, and it's why we must fight against these policies and mandates.

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Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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