Biden’s Disaster Interview: Even Pelley Coaches His Sentences, Labels Him ‘Tired’!

In a recent review of Joe Biden's interview on "60 Minutes," several criticisms were raised. The host, Scott Pelley, was accused of attempting to portray the President as busy, despite his daily schedule consisting of a morning briefing and an afternoon meeting. The argument here was that this limited schedule is not indicative of a busy leader, especially someone in their 80s.

During the interview, Biden's responses were described as confused and his age as a liability. Specifically, when asked about the possibility of U.S. troops getting involved in the Israeli conflict, his answer was seen as meandering and unclear. Furthermore, his message to Hezbollah and Iran was deemed incoherent, with the host needing to step in to clarify.

Biden's approach to Ukraine was also criticized, as he was accused of sending money to the country without a clear strategy. The review noted that this approach contradicted his statement that he didn't want to get involved in another European war. Additionally, Biden's remarks about supporters of Donald Trump, referred to as "MAGA Republicans," were seen as divisive and dismissive.

A jump cut in the video during the discussion of Trump supporters raised suspicion about potential edits in the interview. Lastly, Biden's statement about wanting to run again to help in the Middle East and Europe was labeled as delusional.

The review concluded by highlighting the host's observation that Biden appeared "tired" during the interview, suggesting a lack of confidence in his ability to lead. Overall, the interview was characterized as a disaster from beginning to end.



Written by Staff Reports

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