Poll: Most Americans Doubt Biden’s Ethics, Call for Inquiry

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and NORC has shed some light on the American public’s perception of President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s international business dealings. The poll, which surveyed 1,163 adults nationwide, revealed that a staggering majority of Americans believe Biden either acted illegally or unethically in this matter.

When asked about Joe Biden’s overseas business entanglements with his son, Hunter Biden, only 30% of participants felt that Biden “has not done anything wrong.” On the other hand, a significant 68% believed Biden “has done something wrong,” with 35% asserting that Biden “has done something illegal” and 33% stating that he “has done something unethical.”

These results become even more interesting when broken down by party affiliation. Shockingly, 58% of Democrat participants insisted that Biden “has not done anything wrong,” in stark contrast to a mere 3% of Republicans who shared the same sentiment. Republicans displayed a higher degree of skepticism, with 65% believing Biden “has done something illegal” compared to only 8% of Democrats. Additionally, 31% of Republicans and 32% Democrats believed Biden “has done something unethical.”

The poll also asked respondents about their approval or disapproval of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The results paralleled the earlier findings, with 39% expressing strong or somewhat disapproval of the inquiry, 33% stating strong or somewhat approval, and 26% remaining impartial.

Unsurprisingly, Democratic participants showed overwhelming disapproval, with 73% against the inquiry. In stark contrast, only 11% of Republicans shared the same sentiment. On the other hand, 67% of Republicans expressed strong or somewhat approval of the inquiry, while a mere 7% of Democrats concurred. It is worth noting that 21% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats remained undecided.

An interesting fact highlighted by the Associated Press suggests that a significant portion of the public remains uninformed about the impeachment inquiry. Out of those who had heard or read little to nothing about the inquiry, 31% disapproved of it. Comparatively, among those well-informed about the inquiry, 49% voiced their disapproval. This raises concerns about the mainstream media’s role in controlling the narrative and potentially influencing public opinion in favor of Biden.

While it is essential to approach poll results with caution due to possible biases, this particular poll reveals the public’s growing skepticism surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings. House Republicans continue to investigate these matters, firmly believing that Hunter Biden benefitted from his vice-president father’s connections, resulting in a questionable exchange of access and influence. These revelations have raised legitimate doubts about Joe Biden’s ethics and legality, and it is crucial that the truth emerges for the American people to make informed decisions.

Written by Staff Reports

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