Biden’s Dog Bites Again: Ingraham Slams Double Standards

President Joe Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, has been removed from the White House following a series of aggressive bites. Photos emerged of Commander biting the arm of a White House staffer, marking the 12th known bite incident involving the dog. Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized the handling of the situation, pointing out the double standard in the treatment of the president’s dog compared to other dogs in D.C. Laura humorously gestured to emphasize that a normal dog would face severe punishment for this behavior.

The latest incident occurred in the White House gardens when Commander attacked Dale Haney, the superintendent of the White House grounds. Haney, who has been tending to the gardens for 50 years, was bitten on the arm and wrist by the German shepherd. This is just one of the many incidents involving Commander biting White House staff, including a Secret Service agent.

Byron York of The Washington Examiner called on President Biden to address the issue, stating that putting the dog over the safety of those who protect him is not a joking matter. The District of Columbia Dangerous Dog Statutes impose restrictions on dogs that have bitten or attacked others. These statutes even allow for the destruction of dangerous dogs in order to ensure public safety.

In response to the growing concerns surrounding Commander’s behavior, a spokesperson for the White House announced that the dog has been removed from the premises. The administration emphasized their commitment to the safety of their staff and expressed gratitude towards the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service. However, the next steps regarding Commander’s future have yet to be determined.

It is important to hold all individuals accountable, regardless of their position or species. The incidents involving Commander highlight the need for responsible pet ownership and the importance of ensuring the safety of those who interact with the pet. President Biden must take swift action to address this ongoing White House scandal and prioritize the well-being of his staff.

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