Biden’s DOJ Busted Hiding Key Details From GOP Investigation

The US Justice Department has raised eyebrows by refusing to provide details about an investigation regarding the documents of Joe Biden. This is reportedly part of a strategy to hide the details of the investigation from the public. As the investigation continues to raise questions about Biden's actions, the government should provide the public with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

The Justice Department stated that it could not provide the Committee with the information it requested regarding the investigation into the mishandling of classified documents by President Joe Biden.

In November, Biden's lawyers discovered classified materials at the Penn Biden Center. In December and January, the president's lawyers also found documents in Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware. The Department of Justice conducted its own search during that period.

According to a report by CBS, Carlos Uriarte, the Deputy Attorney General, stated in a letter to Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio that the investigations are not subject to the public's disclosure rules.

In response to a request from Jordan, Uriarte stated that the Department of Justice would not be able to provide the Committee with the details of the investigations related to the mishandling of classified materials by Biden.

In a letter to Judge Merrick Garland, Jordan asked for documents related to the appointment of Robert Hur as the special counsel and the discovery of classified materials during Biden's time as the vice president.

In response, Jordan asked the Justice Department to provide the Committee with all of the communications between Biden's lawyers and the agency regarding the discovery of classified materials. He also requested all of the documents related to the investigation.

Jordan also signaled last week that he is open to issuing subpoenas to obtain the information.

In response to a question from Fox News, Jordan revealed that the committee would be looking into the Justice Department's handling of the situation regarding Biden's documents scandal.

This week, Jordan criticized the White House for not being transparent about the situation regarding the mishandling of classified materials by the former vice president.

The actions of the Justice Department have left many wondering what is going on. The refusal to provide the Committee with information has led to widespread outrage, and it is also clear that the department is using a special counsel as a smokescreen to hide the facts from the public.

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