MSNBC Says Black Men Live In ‘Combat Zones’ Because Of Police

On Tuesday, Mike Barnicle of Morning Joe said that African-Americans are living in "combat zones" because they don't respect law enforcers.

The discussion centered on the death of Tyre Nichols, a black man who was severely beaten by police on January 7. He later died. During the interview, Barnicle noted that African-American men are often living in "combat zones."

"In response to a question from Congressman Mike Thompson, Barnicle said that the job of being a cop in a certain area has never been harder. He also noted that there are a lot of young African-American men and boys who live in combat zones, and they have lost respect for law enforcers."

"He then asked what can be done to convince African-Americans and other people of color that law enforcers are there to help them instead of hinder them."

Although he agreed that community policing is needed, D’Esposito disagreed with Barnicle's statement.

"He noted that there are people in the country who don't like the police. D’Esposito said that there are groups of people who do not respect law enforcers."

During his time in Brooklyn, D’Esposito worked in a violent area known as Brownsville. According to him, the goal of criminal justice reform was to protect minority communities.

He stated that the people of these communities wanted to see law enforcers on the streets. He said that these communities were also filled with good people who wanted to go out and get milk without worrying about getting hit by a stray bullet.

Eugene Robinson, a columnist for the Washington Post, praised D’Esposito for making the point. He agreed that people want good policing.

On January 7, Nichols was pulled over by the police in Memphis for a traffic violation. After a confrontation, five officers were fired and charged. Nichols later died at St. Francis Hospital.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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