BREAKING: Huge Teddy Bear Found On Mars

The MRO of NASA has taken a picture of what appears to be a bear on Mars' surface.

The MRO is tasked with searching for the presence of water and other vital elements of life on Mars. Recently, it took a picture of something a little more lighthearted.

The image released by the University of Arizona's HiRISE camera shows the outlines of a face, as well as two eyes and a mouth. CBS News noted that these features look like a bear.

Numerous images taken by the MRO have shown the surface of Mars to look a bit like that of Earth.

According to the University of Arizona, the face on Mars was formed by a combination of structural changes.

The geological formations that appear on the surface of Mars are bound to create interesting shapes. The University of Arizona noted that the face's outline was formed due to the settling of a deposit over a crater.

The mouth and nose of the bear appear to have been formed due to a structural collapse, which could have been caused by a volcanic vent.

The crater where the bear's nose and mouth formed is around 2,000 meters wide.

The surface of Mars was created by geological features that resembled the logo of the Star Trek franchise, which was shown in the 2019 image taken by the MRO.

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