Biden’s DOJ Desperate to Indict Trump: Exposing Flimsy Legal Theories & Witch-Hunts!

Former Attorney Will Scharf has just laid out the case against the outrageous and shocking indictment of former President Donald Trump. Taking to Twitter, Scharf slammed the Biden DOJ and its weak legal theory, saying it “distills down to the idea that the President’s authority to retain Personal Records, as well as his rights to access his Presidential Records, make it impossible to prosecute him under the Espionage Act section at issue here.”

Basically, the DOJ is trying to prove aspects of Trump’s state of mind, which is a flimsy legal theory, and will be extremely difficult to prove in this case, especially because of his obligations and rights under the Presidential Records Act. Furthermore, Nauta’s lawyer has also filed a court document alleging that if he cooperated against Trump, his judicial application would be considered more favorably. This is wild misconduct on the part of the DOJ and could undermine the entire case if investigated fairly.

The former Assistant U.S Attorney also identifies holes in the DOJ’s case relating to classification abilities, the breach of attorney-client privilege, the timing of the indictment, and the unimpressive career of Jack Smith as a prosecutor. The case itself is built on half-truths, and it’s very questionable at best.

It is clear that the Biden DOJ is grasping at straws, trying to find any way possible to take down Donald Trump. They have no proof, no evidence, and no legitimate grounds for this indictment. It is just another example of the left’s never-ending witch-hunt against our former President.

Written by Staff Reports

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