Starbucks’ $25M Payout: Woke Mob Claims Innocent Employee

In yet another example of the woke mob’s irrationality and recklessness leading to a huge payout, Starbucks has been forced to cough up a jaw-dropping $25 million for illegally firing a white employee who had nothing to do with a racially-charged 2018 incident at one of its Philadelphia locations.

The whole debacle began when a white Starbucks employee called the police on two innocent black people who asked to use the store’s restroom. The viral video of the unjust arrest led to nationwide protests and a day of forced diversity training for all Starbucks employees.

But, of course, Starbucks had to go further. The company’s so-called “damage-control effort” included meting out punishment to all white employees in and around Philadelphia, including the completely innocent former manager Shannon Phillips. Despite her “exemplary performance” and six years of excellent work as the district manager in Ohio, Phillips was told to suspend a white manager who oversaw stores in Philadelphia, though not the one in Rittenhouse Square, because of allegations that he had engaged in discriminatory conduct. These allegations, according to Phillips, were entirely unfounded and untrue.

So, while Phillips was punished and fired on racial grounds, the black manager who not only oversaw the Rittenhouse Square store but even promoted the employee who called the police remained completely unscathed.

This is what happens when corporations like Starbucks become more concerned with appeasing the leftist mob than with following the law and treating their employees equally. Thanks to the federal jury in New Jersey, Phillips has finally been vindicated with $25 million. These victories should be a lesson to all companies that woke policies and actions will be punished, severely and justly.

Written by Staff Reports

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